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The Engine Room is a non profit art space featuring contemporary art–including painting, drawing, photography and prints as well as video, music, dance, performance, film and literature events.The gallery offers an ongoing series of workshops, lectures and classes for both the public and local creative community that are free of charge. Check our Facebook page for our current schedule of events.



Paintings, sculpture and mixed media work by Carlton Scott Sturgill


Opening Reception - January 12, 2017

Exhibition - January 12, 2017 - February 11, 2017


Open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 12pm to 6pm


Inspired by the bedroom communities of the Midwest, my work examines the conflict between our need to push our individual sexual boundaries and our longing to appear as ambassadors of a white-picket-fence America. Using materials sourced from the suburban landscape, such as paint chip samples from Home Depot and clothing from the all-American company Ralph Lauren, along with imagery and text appropriated from the Casual Encounters section of Craigslist, I explore the dichotomy between public persona and private behavior. My paintings, sculptures and mosaics use the vernacular of the American heartland to scratch the surface of suburban pretense, exploring the compulsion to both veil ourselves behind the facade of the American Dream and our desire to expose our most intimate moments through the wormhole of electronic media. 






Located in the vibrant and historic St. Roch neighborhood of the Bywater District, 2809 N. Robertson formerly housed the Union Brewing Co..